Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Action Strategies for Success

Why aren’t you experiencing the success you deserve?

Nowadays people have a natural need to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, however few of us seem to be able to attract more of what we really want.

Successful people that have made money online and offline today, have taken the time to clearly define their life vision and are willing to take action on fulfilling it every day. Action leads to movement, which leads to momentum, which naturally draws more of the 'good stuff' to them.

When you have a positive frame of mind combined with a vision of your ideal, then you will want to take action to make it happen!

The recipes for success are patience, determination, commitment and persistence which involve many trials and errors, before you get it just right.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who watch things happen and those who make things happen. No one is going to do it for you. No one is coming to save you. If you want changes in your life, if you want success and achievement, you must take action. And the amount of success you enjoy will be directly proportional to the amount of action you take.

Read, print and recite daily these action strategies and follow your Dreams!

1) A Decision to Win - The Intention of Winning!

2) Learn and Master Time Tested Proven Basic Fundamentals that Work!

3) Do whatever it takes to Play against the Best or else you'll NEVER go anywhere!

4) Teamwork is like Oxygen (without which you're dead)!

5) Don't Care What Others Think About What You Are Focused On!

6) Decent just doesn't cut it - when you have a Dream!

7) Don't Bury your Talent (You Own It)!

8) Live and Breathe the Recruiting Mindset 24/7!

9) You'll fail without a coach that is willing to stir up the competition in order to win!

10) True Champion is Highly Emotional!!

11) Love the word - Risk!!

12) If you want to win, you've got to Recruit. That's how the Big Boys do it!

13) Activity without Accomplishment is deadly!

14) Focus on Recruiting (that's the bottom line)!

15) The coach speaks - you listen - or else you'll fail (we never back down!)!

16) If you're too soft for the game - Go Home!

17) If You Quit Now, You will Quit the rest of your life!

18) Great Players make basic easy simple plays - Showboating is a sign of Insecurity!

19) A Real Coach is tough because he knows how good YOU truly are.!

20) You have to *LOVE* the Game or else...!

21) When you practice and practice, the enemy will know you by your strength!

22) It's all about *HEART*.!

23) When you do not play like a team *You Lose*!

24) Your Dignity is inside you. Nobody can take that from you unless you give it to them!

25) Shut Up the Enemy - Just *WIN*!

26) When you're sick of something, you can decide to put an end to it - FOREVER!!

27) Send the enemy a Message - Go for it with everything that you've got!!

28) Courage is the strongest Muscle

29) They will not give it to you - You gotta take it!

Go out there and make things happen; take action for a successful life Today!

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