Thursday, October 23, 2008

Steps to Becoming an Internet Millionaire

We live in a world where opportunities abound, yet most people are buried in debt.

To live your dreams, and become an internet millionaire the most important decision is to take charge of ones financial future.

In every man contains seeds of greatness, which can be expressed in countless ways, from starting a business to giving back to our community to raising the next generation of leaders. Life is all about finding that seed and nurturing it to its full growth.”

Life is full of wonderful possibilities and avenues, and all it requires is for you to decide what you want, and go out in the world and grab it.

If you are reading this article, then you must definitely be literate, possess a computer of your own or have access from a cybercafé.

Do you have the belief that you can be as financially independent as you aspire to be?

To be an Internet Millionaire and a financial success online, you must:
  • Choose to be financially successful: This is not mere wishes, hopes, wants or desire to be wealthy. There must be commitment on your part. It requires a certain degree of hard work and inconveniences.
  • Know how money works: Most people do not understand the method involved in investing money. One has to be financially wise to become a millionaire by attending seminars, reading books, learning and mastering the art of making money.
  • Study your relationship with money: Some people are careless with money. We spend it to show off, or out of sheer excitement or maybe because we feel we have a reservoir of it. We need to create a relationship of respect, appreciation and gratitude for having money and thus spend wisely.
  • Set Challenging Goals to direct your life. Make a commitment towards achieving these set goals according to priority. You may not accomplish every goal you set, no one does, but what really matters is having goals and going after them wholeheartedly.
  • Create a budget: A budget is a map to your destination; it guides you to spending wisely and eliminates impulsive spending.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses: After you must have made your budget you control your money rather than let it control you. Self made millionaires live below their means, so I’d expect you to follow suit.
  • Start Investing: Don’t speculate, invest in things you understand and have researched. Get 2nd opinions on issues concerning your investments from experts. Do so cautiously and wisely, your objective is to be a millionaire, so obey the difference between gambling and putting your money to work for you.
  • Endeavour to invest in assets: It takes time and effort to build wealth. Never make the mistake of only increasing your income, buy stocks, buildings, lands etc. Most Millionaires invest in assets that will turn around in the future so they don’t spend their money on frivolous things.
  • Associate with successful millionaires (as mentors), learn from them, read books on how to be a millionaire.
  • Learn to make positive impact on peoples lives, don’t be greedy invest in your community. Spending wisely does not mean you shouldn’t share or assist others.

I recommend these books to start your education about being an internet millionaire:

* Internet Riches by Scott Fox
* Getting Rich Your Own Way by Brian Tracy
* The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success by Brian Tracy

I leave you to ponder on this parting shot “Live well, do not spend lavishly to impress friends or neighbours; invest wisely and stay wealthy.

The secret of becoming a millionaire on the internet is to be committed, do what millionaires do, and do it time and time again until you reach your goal.

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